Thursday, August 16, 2018

This Week Has Been TOUGH!

Last Friday the 10th, I had to make that call I had so been dreading. My little Calliope had gotten SO sick with the liver failure we've been fighting for more than a year and she just couldn't go on. It was time to let her go so she could meet Mystik and Savannah on the Rainbow Bridge. She was more than just my pet, she was my support, my companion, my baby, but I couldn't let her suffer any longer. So, I called Dr. Chavis and set her free. Thankfully, Jimmy was able to get home to go with me, I don't think I could have managed without him.

Because I knew I was eventually going to need to let her go, I had already made up my mind I was going to take some time to fully grieve for Calliope and what we had been through before I began looking for another companion.

The rest of Friday went by in a blur, we did back to school shopping for the Little Witch and once Tanya was finished working and they went home, we had delivery for dinner. All I wanted to do was crawl into my bed, pull the blankets over me and cry. I was spiraling downward faster than ever before and I wanted to wallow in that depression that was coming for me. However, the fates always seem to laugh at me in times like these.

As we were finishing dinner, Tanya and Niffers, Ed, Ravyn & Sam came through the front door. In Tanya's hands was a small gift bag and I assumed they had gotten a small gift to help raise my spirits. I was thinking a new vaping mod or something along those lines. Once again I was wrong in my assumptions.

Most of you know I suffer from depression and anxiety, I've been on different meds to help regulate those emotions, but didn't like the feeling of being non-reactive or as Jimmy puts it, I walked around like a Zombie expressing no emotions and sleeping my life away. I needed and wanted a way to deal with/control the depression that didn't interfere with my life. A couple of years ago, I stopped taking the drugs my doctors prescribed and found that smoking pot helped a lot, but didn't actually like smoking, it burns my lungs, makes me cough, nor did I like the actual feelings produced by the THC. So I stopped. Then I found CBD oil. Hence the thought of a new vaping mode.

Tanya sits the bag down on the table in front of me and it moved, so I knew it wasn't a new mod. Up pops this little head and I take the tiniest, cutest little Yorkie pup out and promptly begin crying my eyes out, again. I've always wanted a Yorkie but felt I just couldn't afford to get one. And I sure as hell wasn't actively looking for one. However, Tanya knows me, better than I know myself sometimes. She knew months ago that losing Calliope would devastate me and had begun looking (without my knowledge) for a new companion for me. After Calliope had the first seizure on Monday, she knew time was growing shorter and she ramped up that search.

The new little has already claimed a piece of my heart, she won't ever replace Calliope but is showing herself to be a fierce warrior and is helping me through what could have been my darkest time. I've named her Lily Bean Lesperance, Lily for Lilith, Bean because when she runs in the grass she jumps like a Mexican jumping bean and Lesperance for the family name required at the veterinarian's office. Off we go the PetSupermarket to get the necessities the new little will be needing. She has her own bed but much prefers to sleep with me snuggled up next to my neck or shoulder. And I've sworn to make sure she has the correct care with Dr. Chavis and those at Southern Oaks Animal Hospital.
Sunday evening, Niffers comes in with a box and puts it on my lap. She tells me to open it and inside I find a frame with 2 pictures of Calliope. Once again I begin the nasty cry I've been fighting and when I finally manage to get those tears under control, she tells me that she chose one image and Tanya chose the other. I'm going to put both this frame and the box containing Calliope's ashes on the fireplace mantle.

After spending the rest of the weekend with Jimmy home, he goes back out on Monday and I wake to find a nasty ass comment left anonymously here on a post. I have already blogged about that and I've moved on away from it. Yesterday, I took Tanya and The Little Witch to Raleigh to the airport for a flight to go see Angel in MI one more time before The Little Witch goes back to school on the 27th. I already miss them, but they will be home on Monday night.

Yes, with the help of family, friends, CBD oil and Lily, I have once again won the fight over the depression that makes life so difficult for so many people.

I will NEVER forget Calliope, she will always have a piece of my heart. But we all know life goes on and the fates have their plan for the things we all have to face. Thankfully, some of us don't have to face those things alone ...

Monday, August 13, 2018

Answer to an Anonymous Comment Left on Alpha Females

This comment was left this morning anonymously on the blog post "Alpha Females" and even though it is anonymous I know where it came from and who left it, thanks to the tracking system I have on this blog.
Let me make sure I have this clear, you deleted and blocked me on all social media. We have no contact with each other, I don't even bother thinking about you. One of your lackys tells me that you go and create new profiles just so you can stalk me. Why bother blocking me or me blocking you? 
You then write about me and my life bitching about what I do online on your blog. You even went so far to use my user name to create blogs on Blogger and WordPress to try to thwart or stop me, nice try. 
You're a special kind of psycho!!
You are obviously obsessed with me and/or deeply in love with me.
Rock on!!
Get a life of your own please!!
Oh that's right you don't have one!!
Moving on now!!
Rant over!!"
Just let me begin by clarifying I know there are going to be many of you who think I should just let this go and be the bigger person. I have done that for much too long with this person. And I'm more than tired of the nasty, negative, bipolar bullshit she doles out on a regular basis. I'm hoping that once I bring this out to the light, she will stop ... yes, I also feel that is a slim chance but, still, I hope.

Yes, she is blocked on every social media site I know her to be on, especially if I also have an account on the same site. You see, once upon a time we were friends, no we've never met in real life, we were internet friends and would occasionally share a conversation via phone. Twice, I've removed her from my life and yes, I know it's all on me for giving that second chance, I'm an eternal optimist, I always hope for change.

I'm going to start here: "Get a life of your own please!"

I have a life, a pretty awesome one at that. I'm 62 years old, retired, collecting my pension and doing whatever the fuck I want to do. I have been a licensed nail technician for 39 years and keep said license current and legal. I also have a college degree with a double major. I'm married to the most amazing man, who works his ass off every damn day, doesn't drink and doesn't do drugs of ANY KIND, for the past 18 years. I have 3 grown children who I speak to every day or at the very least every other day. SEVEN wonderful grandchildren who I also have daily contact with 2 and at least weekly with the others. I have the freedom to make decisions regarding everything going on in our life because my husband trusts my judgment and I don't need his permission to buy a book that costs $12.99. I also have the ability to go with him OTR as he does his job as a commercial truck driver, which gives me both the opportunity to spend LOTS of quality time with him as well as seeing SO MUCH of the country I live in.
What do you have? You married your ex-husband's alcoholic pot head brother, eeeeww! incest much? YUK! Your children want nothing to do with you, not even a phone call or card on mother's day or your birthday. You've enlisted the "help" of friends who live in the same area as your daughters do to give you updates on how they are and what they are doing. Talk about stalking, pot calling kettle black much? Even your stepdaughter wants nothing to do with you. And the same whining poor pity me stories get old real fast, you won't make any changes, why should anyone care? 
We have a beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 bath house that sits on .75 acres that I've fully furnished in the style I want it to be, in a small town that gives us the ability to make it to the big city while still enjoying small town living or going to the beach as often as we would like to go. My yard is full of grass, trees, both flowering and fruit, I grow herbs and flowers. We have a pool that is used on a daily basis when it isn't raining. My bills are all paid on time, my pantry, refrigerators, and freezers (yes, I have 2 of each) are full, we don't eat shit full of preservatives and I can afford to do whatever the fuck I want. I just upgraded my Android tablet to an iPad Pro 12.9 and will be getting the new Note9 when our carrier releases it. I drive a 2015 Ford Edge with more bells and whistles than I've ever seen in my life.
You live in an apartment where your husband works in order to help reduce the cost of the rent. How many times have you changed apartments? How many times have you run out and rented new furniture because of some imagined fault in what you have? And each time you do, you have something to bitch about. You aren't happy and are never going to be, no matter how many times you run away from your problems. If you weren't always trying to reinvent yourself or trying to keep up with the Jones's maybe you could find a bit of peace. You have no freinds and whine all the fucking time about how you'd like to have someone anyone to hang out with. Why would anyone in their right mind want to hang out with you? You have nothing to contribute to a friendship and all you do is push people away from you. You are simply a waste, taking up space where someone else could greatly benefit. 
ALL of my children are successful in their career choices (yes, career) and have what is called tenure ... that thing where you stay with a job for more than 6 months at a time. One is tier 2 for MAC support on her way to Team Lead, one owns TWO successful businesses and has had to turn down new contracts because she's so busy, and one is an EMT working towards his paramedic certification. My daughter-in-law is working for the county they live in as a 911 operator. The 3 oldest grands are working or going to college, and the other 4 are making excellent grades in school. One of them is even getting college courses during her first year of high school.
You have changed jobs so many times in the past 5 years, your resume looks like a novel instead of a short story. And each time you get a new position with a new company you swear this is your chosen career. Gimme a break, you have to have longevity and history before you can claim a career. No matter what you do, which job you have or where you live, you are never going to be happy simply because you refuse to be. You don't have the balls to face reality and figure out how to make your life better, so you will always be a loser in everything you do. Because you have such a short attention span and can't absorb anything, your multiple attempts at bettering yourself or learning more always fail. You have never followed anything more than 5 minutes and then blame that failure on anything (mostly your supposed PTSD) or anyone who happens to be handy to take that blame. 
I am what I am, I don't make excuses and I don't try to reinvent myself every time I change my underwear.

One more thing and then I'm done. THIS POST is the first time I've ever written about you. If you see yourself in any other post I've written, that is YOUR insecurity, paranoia and guilty conscience plaguing you. Don't push your schizophrenic crap off on me. I do NOT have multiple accounts on any site so I can stalk you, and I have not created other blogs just to try and thwart you. You are one delusional and stupid cunt. And I regret EVER thinking of you as a friend.

And BTW, I changed the comment settings. If you want to comment you are going to have to use your Google account to do so. Don't have Google? Too bad, no comments for you.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Rainbow Bridge ~ Trigger Warning ~ Pet Loss

Some of you know my little furbaby Calliope has been very sick for some time now. Last fall she had a spot on her face that I thought was the result of a bug bite, but when it ruptured and exploded all over everything, I made an emergency run to her vet where I found it was because of the condition of her teeth. They were pretty bad and one of them had an abscess. She also had a tumor on her abdomen that turned out to be cancer.

The toxins from the teeth and the abscess had caused some serious liver damage and in order for her to be able to survive the surgery needed to remove the worst of the teeth and then the deep laser cleaning needed, she was put on medication. IV meds which meant she would have to stay in the doggy hospital to try and stabilize her liver function enough to survive the surgery. This time she stayed for 2 days and was sent home with meds with the tumor removal scheduled for 2 weeks later.

But, the fates weren't satisfied. She had been home just shy of those 2 weeks when she developed a severe infection in her uterus (no she wasn't spayed) and if I hadn't been vigilant and called the vet immediately, this infection would have killed her long before the liver disease did. 3 very long and worrisome and emotional days later, Dr. Chavis called to let me know Calliope was doing MUCH better and I could bring her home, with meds she'd have to take for the rest of her life.

She came home and we all began the healing process. I faithfully gave her the medication as prescribed, we all went on a family outing to cut our own Yule tree, we made it through the holidays and when Jimmy went back to work in January for Big G Express driving OTR, Calliope and I went along multiple times. Things leveled out and life was pretty good.

Then, about a month or so ago, she began bloating in her tummy, she looked like she was gonna have a litter of pups! Back to the vet, we go and I'm seeing a different doctor this time because Calliope's doctor is on vacation. He tells me it's a fluid build up and tells me she's now in end-stage liver disease. And there is nothing I can do except watch for her to become sluggish, lethargic and not want to do anything.

One week later I find out quite by accident that the fluid in her abdomen can be drained as often as needed, so back to the vet we go. The first time (the alternate doctor did this one, I asked him how often I'd need to bring her in to have her tummy drained, he gave me a vague answer, said something like I'd know when she was uncomfortable) there was a 2 week period between this procedure and the next time, the second time (Dr. Chavis did this one) Dr. Chavis said there was no way to know how often the fluid would need to be drained. But she did say sometimes the time between having the fluid drained increases and wouldn't need to be done but once a month. It's been almost 4 weeks this time.

A week ago, Calliope stopped eating, she'd nibble her food but didn't eat much at all. Since she's done this before I didn't worry too much, but Monday morning she had a seizure, the first time ever! It scared the fuck outta me and I called the vet in a panic. Thankfully, Dr. Chavis had a cancellation and they were able to get us in to see her at 11:30. The lab work showed Calliope was now very anemic, and her bone marrow wasn't regenerating fast enough to produce the number of red blood cells she needed. Dr. Chavis seemed optimistic and said she was going to prescribe a steroid which would help, but the side effect was steroids make ya wanna eat. I'm OK with this! Calliope hasn't eaten in almost a week and I'm again worried.

At this point, I asked Dr. Chavis if I was being selfish by wanting to hang on a little longer. She told me she didn't feel Calliope was at the end of her journey and to come back in a month, at which time she'd let me know if we need to have *the talk*. Back home we go and meds are given as directed. Yesterday she ate, a little, but she ate. She's drinking and going potty as normal.

Today she's not eating, she even refused her favorite chicken and rice. And she refused cherry toaster strudel! She never refuses toaster strudel!!

I'm trying to prepare myself ... I'm not sure we are going to make that 30-day window her doctor was optimistic about.

Just this side of Summerland is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who have been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing - they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. Her bright eyes are intent, her eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly she begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, her legs carrying her faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and you and your special friend meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face, your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life, but never absent from your heart.

Then, together you and your special pet cross the Rainbow Bridge.

author unknown

Monday, August 6, 2018

The World Is Raging

What do you do when the world seems to be crashing in all around you? There is so much going on, so much anguish and anger, so many fears and tears. So much drama and hate. How can anyone maintain their sanity in a world that seems to have gone mad without hiding in a cave or burrowing their head in the sand?

Everyone is different in how they handle the things happening right now. Some here on social media fear for their safety and privacy by locking their Facebook profile down to friends only, while leaving their Twitter, G+, Instagram and all other platforms they use completely open to the public view. I'm not sure what this accomplishes for them, because most times they have synced the things they post on Facebook to be cross-posted to these other places. I guess it would give them a false sense of security, and then they could go on about their everyday life confidently without fear.

But, what happens when that fear crosses over to the other social media sites? Do they get locked down for friends only as well? That would be the most rational thing to do, right? If that is how they cope, why have an online presence at all?

Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself. Yes, I know many people have their Facebook profile set to friends only, mine used to be that way as well. And IMO, which is worth about 2 cents, that is a perfect way to interact with only those who keep your confidence and will help you to feel safe. But, what about those who also write blogs, or have YouTube channels or are more active on Twitter than Facebook? How do you get your message out in the hopes that anything you have to say would in some small way help others who you have written that blog post for or recorded that video for YouTube?

Yes, emotions are at the highest point I can remember in my lifetime. Your neighbor is now your enemy, simply because you have differing opinions. You fear to go to the market because you have no way to determine what the environment there is going to be, going out to eat can be a challenge with some of those angry customers becoming even angrier if there is even the slightest thing wrong with their order. Road rage is at an all-time high and many people now feel it is acceptable to act out their anger or bigotry.

What to do? I'm sorry to say I don't have an answer to my own question. I can try to explain how I make it through each day with the hope I'll see the next sunrise.

Each morning, when the alarm goes off, I reach over and hit the snooze button. During that 9 minutes before the alarm goes off again, I begin the morning prayers to my Gods, asking Them to give me the wisdom to face my day according to the way They would have me see my world. I reinforce the protection shields I've set around myself and those I love, and I visualize the day progressing in a safe, productive and protective manner.

Once I get up, the first thing I do even before coffee is to relight the candles on my altar and ask for blessings for those who the candles represent. I freely admit there are days my life is out of kilter (at least in my own mind) that this task seems to be the one thing I dread the most. And on those days when I put it off, I feel scattered and unsettled until I DO make the stop at the altar to light candles, say my morning prayers and accept the peace that settles over me after that has been completed.

Yes, some days it's more difficult than others to trust in those Gods and remember I am a Child of the Goddess and She isn't going to let anything happen to me that doesn't fit in Her plan. Throughout the day, I speak to Them and LISTEN to what They have to say.

At the end of the day, when the house is settled and all is quiet is when I can find the most peace. Our bedroom is on the opposite end of the house, away from any activity that may still be going on in the other bedrooms, and I've been able to furnish and arrange this room as a sanctuary. The master bath is attached and inside is a large garden soaking tub. Each night I fill that tub with water that many consider being a bit too warm, light a candle, turn off the lights and add lavender oil infused bath salts before I get in.

This next 20 or 30 minutes is where I find calm for meditation and reflection. This is where my mind is free from daily activities and my Gods have my mostly undivided attention to give me direction and correct me where I have faltered. This is the one place where I know I can sift through the happenings of the day and try to prepare for tomorrow. This is where I gain my strength to face tomorrow.

I never know what the next sunrise will bring, I am more than happy to face the new day and even though I struggle as do others, I know I will be doing my absolute best to be the sanity in a world gone crazy. Do I falter? Do I fail? Yes, of course, I do, I'm not perfect and with my temper and attitude, I will only take so much before my mouth gets the better of me. However, I try very hard to pick my battles and remark often that I'm not going to jail for anyone!

My Facebook profile is set to public, everyone that isn't on the blocked list can see every single thing I post. I also will only accept friends request from someone who is already friends with someone I have interacted with or know in the real face to face world. So the random friend request from a "strange" male has no bearing on how I go through my day. My settings also permit people to follow me so they can see what I post, comment on a post if they so desire while at the same time giving me the sense of security that only my mind can understand. I have multiple public pages on Facebook that I either control or admin on, and my other online accounts are all set to public.

I have nothing to hide and even though some may say I'm delusional regarding my online safety, I'm not. I do have boundaries, but I'm not going to stop writing this blog, nor am I going to stop being vocal on Twitter, Tumblr, and G+. I have taken the precautions I feel necessary, I refuse to be intimidated or hide. The world has so much to offer and I don't want to miss any part of it!

How do you cope with your world around you? I can't give you that answer, it must come from deep inside your inner being. You are the one who can hide from the world or you can live your life as your Gods direct and accept that the world is raging. You are the only one who can make changes if you desire to do so.

Friday, July 27, 2018

It's Been FIVE Years, Y'all!

In the memories that come across my Facebook timeline this morning was an entry for a status update I wrote 5 years ago. Yes, I went and re-read the entire thing. And then I re-read the blog I wrote about it. After I finished reading both the status update and blog post, I felt a sense of peace like I've not experienced before. No, I'm not going to get into the reasons the original post was made, I'm going to instead look at all the things that have happened since that "fateful" weekend five years ago.

For the longest time, I felt a sense of loss. Then each new day brought so much more light into my life and made me realize the cause of the darkness was no longer part of my daily existence ... I rejoiced! Yes, literally gave thanks for the direction my path was now leading me.

But along that new path, the darkness was always there as a shadow on the things I did. It's more than a bit difficult to fully recover from something that had been part of your everyday life, when you know there are those who take great joy in any failing you might have, no matter how small. Sometimes taking the steps in the right direction will end up being the biggest steps of your life, I've found when I am in this situation, tiny steps work the best.

Tiny steps I did take. I began by removing the people who had contributed to my darkness, yes, some of them removed me and it made my choices much easier than I thought at first. Among those who remained were the ones who had always been there in my life and knew firsthand the torment I was going through. Because many of them had also experienced the same type of treatment and behavior that was being dealt to me. Yes, today my Facebook friends list is small, the smallest it has ever been. And among those who are counted as friends, I can truthfully say, each of them is someone I admire and respect. No more plastic wannabe people in my circle.

But ... that darkness still managed to get to me. I was over thinking everything I did, wondering if those who shall remain nameless would somehow find a way to continue their torment. I stopped writing, I stopped creating, I just stopped doing much of anything on the public platform that is Facebook, blogging, Etsy, and Twitter. I second guessed each idea and plan, I chose to give them space in my head.

Once the one year anniversary rolled around, I took a long hard look at where I was and what I was doing with my life. Granted, I'd mostly hidden for that first year and rarely left the comfort zone I'd built around my life. On that day, I found things were beginning to get easier. I was regaining the confidence I'd lost, I began to see the light and knew there was nothing anyone could do to me if I didn't allow it.

The first couple years were full of anger. Anger at those who I allowed to have any type of control over me and my life. That anger made me lash out at everything and everyone. My blogs were full of anger and rants. This is how I felt I needed to deal with my emotions. Once I figured out what I was doing to myself I switched gears and began rebuilding the me I'd let be destroyed.

In the five years since that fateful day, I've grown closer to my Gods, I LISTEN to Them and learn the lessons They have for me much more quickly than ever before. I follow the path They are directing me to walk on instead of trying to go my own way. I have learned so many things and found the wonder in the world once again.

It hasn't been easy to walk this road of recovery, I still stumble every now and then. But, I don't fall and I don't give in to the shadows that at one time haunted me every minute of every day. No, my life is not all sunshine and rainbows, I still have struggles. Now they are of a different sort. I worry about things I can make a change in, and I remember ...yes I remember and keep the things I've learned in a place I can easily find them so I never make that same mistake again.

Tempest in A Teacup

This image was in my memories over on Facebook and when I saw it I once again almost fell out of my chair I was laughing SO damn hard! I have quite a few people who are constantly running off at the mouth in their attempt to remain relevant. And each time I run across one of them, I shake my head and laugh all the louder. 

"For those who are trying to stay relevant but miss the mark every time, LOL! You know we ALL got someone in our life who this fits, so THANKS, to The Oogie Boogie Witch for bringing a smile to us today. Love you tons!"

No, I'm not important to anyone but myself and my family. Yes, I have many friends who would contradict that, however, I can't convince myself I have that much pull and sway as to believe I am an influence of any sort. I do me and if that helps someone in any way, it's all good. I do not set out to influence people in any manner. I share what is in my heart and the things the Gods have given me. 

Those who scream the loudest are often discounted, you know much like the story of the "Boy Who Cried, Wolf". There is one who freaks out so often I've taken to scrolling past her posts because they are to me just a way for her to garner attention. She has few friends and is always "innocently" begging for someone to hang out with. OK, maybe not so innocently, because she posts how she is lonely and has no one close to her. She wants to have a good friend to get coffee with, or go to the movies or just hang out. And I fully believe she invents things that frighten her just so she can get that little bit of extra attention. Once she falls down this rabbit hole, she locks everything down and hides from the world. She changes everything about her so often I don't think she's given herself time to get used to the new. New clothes, new hairstyle, new makeup, new diet or way of eating, new blog, new emails, new ...just new. 

IMO, I believe she is truly miserable in her life and has no idea how to find the happiness she so desperately is searching for. Why do people do this to themselves? Why is it so difficult to love themselves just as they are? I don't have an answer, but I do know how my experience has shaped the things I now do.

I stopped listening to the voices in my head, the ones that told me I was nothing, I wasn't worthy and I'd never be anything. Yes, I had these thoughts all the time. Why? Because this is how my ex-husbands would treat me. I lived under the fist of patriarchy for most of my life and never knew any better. Yes, my parents always told me to make my own decisions, but those decisions usually fell in line behind one of their ideas, not one I had formed on my own. I didn't begin exercising my right to free thinking until I moved away from Arizona in 2002 and put everything I had ever known to be in a box, in the darkest corner of the closet and left them there. 

At 46 years of age, I woke up, I grew up, I learned about life and how wonderful it is to be able to see. I see everything, the good and the bad. I have no illusions that my world is perfect, far from it, I work hard each day to not fall back into the old ingrained habits I lived with all my life, and I strive to make a difference in my portion of the world, the part that includes my husband, my children, my grandchildren and my friends. 

No, I don't see myself as an influencer, but I can say I am living my life fully, happily and with more love and peace than I have ever known. 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Female by Keith Urban

When you hear somebody say, somebody hits like a girl
How does that hit you?
Is that such a bad thing?
When you hear a song that they play saying you run the world
Do you believe it?
Will you live to see it?
Sister, shoulder
Daughter, lover
Healer, broken halo
Mother nature
Fire, suit of armor
Soul survivor, Holy Water
Secret keeper, fortune teller
Virgin Mary, scarlet letter
Technicolor river wild
Baby girl, women shine
When somebody laughs and implies that she asked for it
Just 'cause she was wearing a skirt
Oh is that how it works?
When somebody talks about how it was Adam first
Does that make you second best?
Or did he save the best for last?
Sister, shoulder
Daughter, lover
Healer, broken halo
Mother nature
Fire, suit of armor
Soul survivor, Holy Water
Secret keeper, fortune teller
Virgin Mary, scarlet letter
Technicolor river wild
Baby girl, women shine
She's the heart of life
She's the dreamer's dream
She's the hands of time
She's the queen of kings
Sister, shoulder
Daughter, lover
Healer, broken halo
Mother nature
Fire, suit of armor
Soul survivor, Holy Water
Secret keeper, fortune teller
Virgin Mary, scarlet letter
Technicolor river wild
Baby girl, women shine
Songwriters: Nicolle Anne Galyon / Ross Copperman / Shane Mcanally
Female lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC