Journey to the Dark Goddess

When you begin a journey that others may have been walking for an extended period of time, there is always the possibility of being ridiculed or told you can't do this for whatever reason. Or your experience can be a pleasurable one with much support from people you have never had any type of contact with previously. How you react to this unsolicited advice speaks volumes as to the character you are developing along your journey.

For me, I have never felt the connection or pull to dedicate my path to any particular  Deity or Pantheon. When I began my search, I worked with Brighid. I have some (a tiny bit, my great, great grandmother was Scottish) Celtic blood, so I felt this was where I was supposed to be. As I grew and matured and opened my mind and heart, I felt the stirrings of others coming into my life for one reason or another. I had never felt I actually belonged to anyone or could claim I follow so and so or I am a child of this or that. Until late last year.

I've known about Hecate for a very long time ...OK, for 14 years. My eldest granddaughter is a child of Hecate and has been following Her since before she was born. Yes, that IS possible, at least in my family. And when the youngest was born, others in the family told us that they could see Hecate watching over her. Since then as she has grown and is able to talk to us, she tells us of the Lady who is watching over her and has described her perfectly as many of the pictures of Hecate are depicted. We also heard low pitched canine-like growls and whines over the baby monitor when the house was silent and the Witchling was sleeping. It turns out, she had figured out how to call one of Hecate's hounds as her guardian.

So, when I was approached early November and asked to join a select group of women who would come together as Sisters of the Dark Goddess, I accepted without hesitation. It felt right, it felt good and it felt like I was finally *home*. One of the benefits of this group was being able to read an advance copy of Tale of the Lost Daughter. This one book has touched me deep into my soul, I have never had a book or any other written word make me laugh or cry as Karen Clark's words have. I have also never felt the NEED to read written words over and over and over, I'm on the fourth time reading it.

So, yes, I am on my Journey to the Dark Goddess. And while MY journey may not be yours or one that you think I should take, that's alright. You see, it's MY journey, I'm walking as Hecate directs MY feet on Her path. She has called me, awoken such a hunger in my soul that has never been touched before, and I gladly accept Her invitation. You are welcome to come along and join me in my travels, I can almost guarantee it is not going to be an easy journey. But then again, nothing worth having or attaining is ever easy...