Who IS The Feisty Witch

I absolutely HATE writing a description of me. Yes, I know it's a biography to let everyone know who the real person behind the keyboard is. I just have a difficult time with bios that sound pretentious and no matter how many I write, I still feel they don't give you the real me. However, those who know me in the real world can attest to the things I'm saying here ... *sigh.

Let's begin with this:

I have been defying description for more than half my lifetime. I occasionally have my sanity, although my circle of friends might disagree with that; I’m a mix of opposites, random, different and unconventional. I’m a self-taught know it all and even though I can admit I really don’t know everything, I do know enough to carry on a conversation with most anyone. Some call me mouthy, I freely speak my mind…I do NOT tolerate BS. I’m a wife, Mom, Abi, Pagan, eclectic, free-thinking FeistyWitch, Priestess in training wannabe gardener, who loves to cook and loves my life!

My name is Vickie and I am Witch. Even though I grew up in a Christian home, I’ve come to realize I’ve always been Witch, it just took me a while to figure it out and put a label on it. Here's where I tell you how much I dislike labels of any kind for any reason.  From the age of about 8 or 9, I’ve known things, seen things. I say what others are thinking, I think what others are about to say, I think of someone and they call, I dream and it comes true, I feel the energy of a space (I hate crowded places and hotel rooms make me crazy, frantic and my shields work over time), I read emotions and know what people feel, I can see what’s in your soul from the look in your eyes, and I can connect with those passed through the veil. I always felt different than everyone else. I didn’t fit in even though I tried. It was only much later that I became more than thankful that I didn’t, that I wasn’t average, that I wasn’t like everyone else.

I follow the moon as I walk down this crooked and shadowed path, my Goddesses are by my side. Each day I feel more rooted and sure of each step I take, it feels like I’ve found my fate, it feels like I’ve come home. They say that once you start seeking, you will never stop. It has become a part of me, it is in my blood. There was a time I was unsure of what I was doing and as fate would have it, I met someone who showed me where my journey was taking me, that I have always been a healer, Witch. I am a Priestess, having taken my sacred and secret vows to the Goddess. I practice the craft both alone and with my sisters by choice, the sisters of my inner circle, who are my spiritual strength and support. I have come to find so many like-minded individuals, the other seekers, all of whom I love and cherish even though we have never met, I am more than blessed by each of them.

I love being close to any large body of water, but feel most attuned with either the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean. The water is where I ground and recharge my spirit. I don’t much adhere to the Rede or the Three Fold Law. I’m not fearful of my dark side and have come to embrace it as I learn to balance both dark and light. I work closely with Lilith, Hecate, the Morrighan, KaliMa, and Persephone. Each of these magnificent Goddesses has chosen me for various reasons and I find their manifestation in my life to be a blessing in ways I could never imagine before. I also am learning to work with energies and light, putting thought into reality, and heal with my hands.

Oya is my Mother and I have begun learning to stop and listen for the lessons she has to teach. This clearly explains my fascination with thunderstorms and how I know they are coming before they reach the horizon. "Oyá Yansá is the owner of winds and storms, and she brings change, wanted or not, into the lives of humans." As I have begun to embrace my Crone, I'm finding myself to be as fierce as I was as a Maiden. I stand for those who cannot stand for themselves and I fight til there is no more fight to give.

I am married to and in a totally committed relationship with the one person on this earth who lets me be me…the REAL me and loves me unconditionally no matter what. I am fully convinced he is my one true love and as my soulmate, we have just picked up in this life where we left off in our previous one. I am also blessed with 3 grown children and 7 of the most amazing Grand Girls anyone could ask for. Two have begun to show their powers as Witchling’s and I am anxiously waiting to see which of the others may or may not follow this path.  Even though they each live in different parts of the country and I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like, they are still a very big part of my daily thoughts and prayers.

And in closing, I probably should let you all know this too.

The only person I am oath-bound to is myself… This makes me the kind of witch who is a nightmare for those who don’t want a mirror held up to them. You might consider me a premeditated kind of person. I know exactly what I am doing when I do it.

I own what I do and I own what I say. I will never, ever tell a person what I think they want to hear or to appeal to the masses.