You Need to Know

The information found here on The Feisty Witch is the personal opinion of the author behind the site. At times, it will contain profanity. It may also contain ranting, strong opinions, misspellings, and poor attempts at humor. If that bothers you, just go away now.

Not everyone will agree with the content posted here that is your right. However, comments are moderated and will be deleted IF they are rude, childish or ignorant. This does not mean you cannot comment; just don't be arrogant and thoughtless.

A discussion is always welcome and differing opinions matter IF the conversation can be done in an adult manner, no name calling. Period.

This is MY blog, and as such I post what I want. I do not expect everyone to agree with what they find here, but I will NOT tolerate anyone trying to school me on my thoughts, words or deeds. Do not come here thinking you have the right to shame me into toning down a volatile post or take me to task because you don't like the language I use.

And before you throw the Karma hammer at me, you better know what the hell you are talking about. The thing you believe to be Karma is in fact, the polar opposite of what the Buddhist believe and teach. It is not the long lamented "what goes around, comes around".

The only person I am oath-bound to is myself… This makes me the kind of witch who is a nightmare for those who don’t want a mirror held up to them. You might consider me a premeditated kind of person. I know exactly what I am doing when I do it.

I own what I do and I own what I say. I will never, ever tell a person what I think they want to hear or to appeal to the masses.

I am WITCH (not Wiccan), I do NOT believe in the Threefold Law and the fluff bunny laws of Karma do not apply to me or to my life.